Who Do You Think You Are?

So…who do you think you are?

Many Christian women, of all ages, and in all seasons of life, have very low self-esteem and low opinions of their worth.

Why is that?

How about those times when irritability, anger and just not nice thoughts flood our minds? That’s when we tend to think we are still a lost sinner: ashamed and condemned. But friends, God hasn’t left us just because we have a bad day or a few bad days.

Or, how about when we absorb and believe negative things others say about us? For example, “you’re not qualified”,“you’re not pretty enough”, you’re too small”,”you’re too big, “you’re too young”, “you’re too old”, or “you have no experience”.

Have you heard any of these?

Friends, we must be careful of who, and what, we listen to; careful of what we are feeding our minds and our souls. It’s the accuser that is sneaking in on our vulnerability and taking over our minds. Satan wants us to focus on our failures, bad days, inexperience, etc., so our heart will take a downward spiral.

When we become disheartened and choose to stay there in that state, we become self-destructive, which means:

We cannot live well. We cannot love well. We cannot fulfill our destiny.


But, GOD….

God says we are His. We are chosen, forgiven, loved, beautiful, adopted, and His endless love list for us goes on and on. God never leaves us nor forsakes us. The opinions of others and the world does not define us. God defines us. We have been called to focus on our Healer not our brokenness. Remember, we tend to move toward and lean more into what we focus on. If Satan lures our focus to all seemingly bad and gloomy, we are going to lean into the gloom and wallow in it. However, if we keep our focus on God every minute of every day, we are leaning into Him, and relishing in indescribable joy and peace, regardless of our circumstances.

On that old rugged cross, Jesus won our victory, over any circumstance, any bad day, and over any judgement from others. Yes, we were once slaves to sin; but because of Jesus’ sacrifice and our yes to Him, we are slaves no longer. We are daughters of the one true King!

Life is better with Jesus!

Father, thank you for your truth about me. I receive it. I declare I am your daughter: loved, chosen, & holy. I am your beloved and you desire for me to flourish and advance your kingdom. Please write this truth in my heart and hear my yes to your service as I follow Holy Spirit’s lead.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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