What’s Your Plan B?

For most of us, this coming week will not be ‘normal’. The chaos of the outside world, fears, and chaotic schedules may have you in knots inside, wanting to run away from it all.


Take a deep breath.

Draft your Plan B.

Your normal routine is your Plan A. But all plans are subject to change, even drastically and unexpectedly sometimes. That’s where we are now: disruptions to our norms. What’s your Plan B?

If you haven’t already drafted your Plan B, now is the time. To eliminate as much chaos as possible in your household next week, plan now.

I cannot give you a written schedule to follow, as all of our circumstances are different. But I will offer a few suggestions.

  1. If you will be working at home with your children and spouse at home also, designate a work and study schedules for all. Simultaneous times would be better if your children are old enough to work/study independently. This will allow for a quieter working environment for all, yielding more productivity.
  2. If you will be working at home with children who need more one on one supervision/instruction, designate alternate work schedules for you and your spouse. If you are home alone with children, consider making yourself blocks of work time before children are up, during rest or play times, or after children go to bed, etc.
  3. If you do have children staying home from school this week, make sure they understand to the best of their ability what is going on. While this is a good opportunity for quality family time, it is not a good time for play dates and social visits.
  4. All of our households look different; each family has their own unique circumstances. But our homes should be peaceful respites from the outside world. Let’s weed out the chaotic fear among us and cultivate peaceful and safe havens for our loved ones.

Finally, we all have the most important thing in common: we have the one true God who loves us. And friends, He is still in control. Satan comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy our lives. But Jesus came so that we may have life, and that we may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

PS: I pray everyone reading this knows abundant life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Life is abundant LIFE with Jesus, even when the world has gone crazy! Experience the peace that passes all understaning: call on Him today!