February 21, 2020

Snow day

In our corner of the east coast, snow is a rare sight. But once every few years,  we get a snow storm, or what our northern neighbors would call a ‘dusting’.

Snow lovers were thrilled to watch the snow falling last night, with the promise of a fun snow day today. Yep, schools and many businesses are closed today. We tend to shut down around here when it snows.

As for me, I was feeling frustrated and discouraged. I do not care for winter, much less, snow. It is cold, wet, messy and stops us in our tracks, literally.  Yes, there is beauty of the snow glistening in the moon light, but my heart’s desire is for the snow to melt with the glorious sunrise.

So how do I suppress my discontentment with the current weather?

I praise God and thank Him for my warm and comfortable home, food on our table, and our good health. I thank Him for this bonus day of rest. I thank Him for the blessings to come: the promise of new seasons and warmer weather.

While I wait for my favorite season, I will still praise Him in this one.