Counting it all JOY

In the book of James, he says WHEN we face trials, not IF we face trials. in other words, we will face trials. We all have endured trials. Some if us are enduring trials right now. And we will all have trials again.

When we do face trials, James says we should count it all joy. Remember,  true joy does not stem from our circumstances, but rather from our trust and relationship with Jesus. James is not saying we have to pretend their is no pain in the trial. However,  he is saying we should practice patience in action and look for the positive in the situation.  What is God revealing in the situation?

Many times God is trying  teach us something specific through our trials:
– We can learn and nurture patience through trials.
– We can realize our true character under pressure
– We can grow in our faith. We can learn to nurture and habitualize our time with God.
– We can cultivate a stronger prayer life.
– We can recognize places of unforgiveness or brokenness in our lives.

What other positives can God show us through trials?

God can reach and teach others through our trials. Think about Paul’s time in prison. In 2 Corinthians, Paul reminds us how he endured the hardship of being in prison. He took that bad situation and made it good.  He made it for God’s glory.

Paul looked beyond his trial and beyond himself. He saw the prison guards despair. Instead of wallowing in self pity, he sang praises to God. He encouraged the guards and shared the gospel. He led the them to Jesus! That is counting it all joy in action, my friends.

Like Paul, we should look for ways to demonstrate our faith regardless of our circumstances. We are lights for Jesus. There is a testimony within our trials.

Let’s count our joys and always reflect ourLight.

Life is better with Jesus!