A Writer's Right Path

with Crystal A. Dixon

Praying them Back to School, Part 3

In every organization, there are people working diligently behind the scenes making the big decisions that ultimately affect the function and welfare of the whole organization. Our #BackToSchoolPrayer list should include our school administrators.

The principals, assistants, advisors, superintendents, district board members, etc, play important roles in the education and safety of our children. These ladies and gentlemen make decisions about your child’s school experience and welfare every day.

Pray for them.

Pray that there are men and women of God in these positions seeking wise counsel and exhibiting a Godly example. Pray for the salvation of those not walking with God.

Pray for their mental and emotional stamina as they carry the responsibility of implementing and executing policies that will give your child the best and safest educational experience possible.

Finally, pray that all decisions made are based on good morals and family morals, not those of the politically correct world.

Pray for your school administrators.

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