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How to Stop Gossiping

 Gossip is such an appealing sin. The enemy takes the problems, misfortunes and even losses of others and transforms them into tantalizing ‘need to know information’ and dangles it in front of our ears and minds. And if we are honest, most of us are guilty of gossip.

It is up to us how we respond to the sparkling information. Our best response is to heed God’s word and then pray for the person and situation. Not only is this the best response, it is also a wage against our enemy. Satan does not like prayer in Jesus’ name. The name of Jesus is power, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, and Satan’s most feared.

What happens if we do not heed the Holy Spirit?

Eventually, Satan has us thinking about this person’s situation, not with compassion, but with judgement. And through that judgement comes the desire to communicate our knowledge with others. Even when the information is shared to you from another, Satan is working. He is using you and your friend for evil.

But what about sharing our own problems with our friends?

That is not gossip. If I am talking about myself and no other person, it is my personal choice to share my personal information; it’s about me and up to me. However, it becomes gossip if the person I confided in shares my problem without my consent; know your friends. (Proverbs 16:28)

How can we stop gossiping?

  1. Pray! Ask God to take away your desire to gossip.
  2. Know the ways and walk of your closest friends.
  3. Never repeat the problems of others. They trusted you; honor their trust.
  4. Do not engage in gossip instigated by others. Exit the conversation or change the subject.
  5. Do not add a person to a community prayer list without consent. And with consent, just add the name, not the problem.
  6. Focus on your own walk with God, your family, and your home; you will not have time for petty gossip. (2 Thessalonians 3:11-12)

Pray about it, don’t talk about it!

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