The Greatest Gift of Love

God loves us! This we know because He gave his only son to die for us so that we could receive the gift of salvation and live forever in His kingdom.

There is no condemnation by Jesus. When He died on the cross for us, He traded his righteousness for our sin. Remember He is sinless. But he came and lived on earth, to teach us how to live, then he died through sufferings that should be ours, the sinners. He took our place. The greatest gift of love…. ever.

Jesus died for us, and we should be living for him! If you believe, and have confessed Jesus is Lord, and repented of your sins, you have received the gift of salvation. You are a child of God! You are not condemned but guaranteed eternal life through Jesus. Don’t let Satan tell you otherwise! Celebrate your freedom in Christ and let Him walk with you each day!